Outboard Bottom Brackets

We manufacture our Outboard Bottom Bracket (OBB) Cups for 24 mm integrated spindle and crank systems from US-produced 7075 aluminum and stainless steel. Each OBB cup, center sleeve and spacer is machined in-house to the same high-quality standards we apply to all of our products.
All of our OBB cups come with our Standard 6805 bearings which have a full contact seal and a 100% fill with our Phil Waterproof Grease. You can also order your OBB cups with our low drag Carbonyte bearings. To learn more about our bearings please visit our Bearings section.
Please note: You can purchase our center sleeves and spacers separately. When ordering replacement dust covers our OBBs use our standard size dust covers.
Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Gun Metal Gray
Outboard Bottom Bracket Cup Installation (pdf)
Philcentric Installation (pdf)