Since our founding in 1971, we have focused on making strong, timeless components. We design our parts to be as strong as possible and whatever the weight was, that was the weight. For this reason our standard robust models are known as Classic. All of our Classic hub models have a rider and bike weight limit of 280 lbs/127 kgs. Over the years we received constant requests by customers for a lighter weight model of our hubs. As a result of this our lighter weight, Pro hub models evolved. We make our Pro hub models by carefully looking at each Classic hub models parts and determine which parts can be manufactured from a strong lighter weight material. We will only change the material if the part’s strength and performance is not adversely affected for its intended use. We base this off our Pro hub model rider and bike weight limit of 190 lbs/86 kgs. Not all categories of hubs we offer have a Pro model, as we feel certain categories like Touring and Tandem need to have the strongest hubs possible, and anything else simply will not do.
Our hubs also have one of two types of axles: The first being the now-standard Field Serviceable Axle (FSA) which we introduced in 1991. The FSA design enables the axle to be separated from the hub after unthreading the end caps using two hex wrenches. Our axles are threaded externally, with end caps threaded to match the axle thread. Our hubs use shouldered axles to precisely position the bearings so no additional adjustments are required. The second is the Field Serviceable Cassette (FSC) design, which enables you to remove the axle (as in our FSA hubs) and easily perform maintenance on both the hub bearings and the cassette hub body mechanism.
Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Gun Metal Gray
This spreadsheet covers hub dimensions for hubs produced in 2015-present. Please make sure your hub measurements are compatible. Phil Wood Hub Dimensions (pdf)
Front Track Hub Care Instructions(pdf)
Rear Track Hub Care Instructions(pdf)
Front Quick Release Hub Care Instructions(pdf)
Cassette Hub Care Instructions(pdf)
Cassette Body Care Instructions(pdf)