Lubricants & Cleaners

Phil Wood lubricants were designed to provide the best possible lubrication for Phil Wood products and other metal-on-metal applications. Utilized by bike shops, cycling component manufacturers, and in industries beyond cycling, our grease and oils are meant to protect and lubricate to prolong the life of the products they are used with.
Our hand cleaner is extremely effective. It’s meant to be used on dry hands, worked in, then rinsed off. Just a small amount will remove stubborn grease, oil, and dirt. Used by bicycle and automotive mechanics, it is effective and “clean” smelling. No animals were used for testing and no animal products are used in production of our hand cleaner.
Phil Waterproof Grease (pdf)
Phil Tenacious Oil (pdf)
Phil Bio-Lube (pdf)
Phil Handcleaner (pdf)