Outboard Bottom Bracket Cup Sets (1st Generation)

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These Outboard Bottom Bracket Cup Sets are for use with older style bottom bracket threadings. We did this so older frames can accept integrated spindle and crank systems if desired.
Cup material Stainless Steel
Center sleeve material 6061 Aluminum
Dust cover material ABS plastic (Shimano), 7075 Aluminum (SRAM/GXP Adaptor)
Available threading Chater Lea (1.450 x 26 tpi - RH & LH), French (35mm x 1mm), Italian (36mm x 24 tpi), Raleigh Super Corsa (1.370 x 26  tpi - RH & LH), Swiss (35mm x 1mm - RH & LH), Press Fit (For Older 35mm Klein Frames)
Spacing 68/73 mm
Bearing availability 6805 (Standard), 6805 (Carbonyte)
OBB weight 254 grams
Rider and bike weight limit 280 lbs / 127 kgs
Materials  All of our manufactured items are machined out of US-produced materials.

Outboard Bottom Bracket Cup Installation (pdf)