Philcentric Outboard Bottom Bracket Cup Set (British Threading)

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The Philcentric is an Outboard Bottom Bracket that gives you eccentricity without using horizontal dropouts, an eccentric hub, or chain tensioners. You may be required to use a half link. If you need to order replacement dust cover please note that the Philcentric uses our medium dust covers.

Please note: All Philcentric Outboard Bottom Bracket cups require the Phil Wood Philcentric installation tool and alignment gage (available separately).  It is recommended that you go to a bicycle shop familiar with the installation and adjustment of this part.

Cup material Stainless Steel
Cup cover material 7075 Aluminum
Dust cover material  ABS plastic (Shimano), 7075 Aluminum (SRAM/GXP Adaptor)
Spacing 68 mm - 100 mm
Bearing availability 6805 (Standard), 6805 (Carbonyte)
OBB weight 207 grams
Rider and bike weight limit 280 lbs / 127 kgs
Materials  All of our manufactured items are machined out of US-produced materials.
Philcentric Bottom Bracket Cup Installation (pdf)