50th Anniversary Track Hub Wheel Set (RGB)

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Our red, gold, and black (RGB) splash anodized 50th Anniversary Pro high flange track hub wheel set is available in a 28 spoke hole, double fixed rear hub configuration with lockrings. We build each wheel set to order using Velocity Aileron rims and our double butted 14-15-14 gauge spokes and 14 gauge brass nipples. (Please note: There will be a 1-2 week lead time depending on configuration.)
Each hub and rim set is uniquely custom anodized for us by Velocity USA at their Grand Rapids facility. After we receive the anodized hubs and rims, we do a full inspection and each part is additionally cleaned, hand polished, and then receives 3 layers of ceramic coating. This ceramic coating helps give an even deeper gloss shine and also helps protect the finish of the hubs and rims.
There are 2 rear axle options for this wheel set: Pro 7075 aluminum axle which is our lightweight option and has a rider and bike weight limit of 190 lbs/86 kgs. If you are over this weight limit or plan to use this wheelset for commuting/daily use we recommend you select our Classic stainless steel axle which has a rider and bike weight limit of 280 lbs/127 kgs. 
This wheel set is offered with 2 bearing options: Carbonyte Phil spec bearings are our low drag bearing option which have partial contact seals and a 30% fill with our full synthetic Phil Carbonyte grease. If you are going to be commuting/daily using these wheels we recommend you select our Standard Phil spec bearings which have full contact seals and a 100% fill with our Phil Waterproof grease.
This wheel set comes with the following accessories: Matching "splash" anodize Pro lockring tool, ceramic cleaning spray, plush microfiber cleaning cloth, matching "splash" print 22oz water bottle, and 16oz can shaped glass with wheel logo.
Front Hub
Phil Wood High Flange 28 hole Pro Track Hub
Rear Hub
Phil Wood High Flange 28 hole Double Fixed Pro Track Hub
14-15-14 ga, Double Butted
14 ga, 12mm length (Brass)
Velocity Aileron 700c
Lacing Pattern 28 Spoke 3x
Front hub spacing
100 mm
Rear hub spacing 120 mm
Bearing availability R8 (Carbonyte), R8 (Standard)
Front Wheel Weight 864 grams
Rear Wheel Weight 942 grams (Pro-Rear Aluminum Axle)
Rider and bike weight limit 190 lbs / 86 kgs (Pro-Rear Aluminum Axle)
280 lbs / 127 kgs (Classic-Rear Steel Axle)
Front Track Hub Care Instructions (pdf)

Rear Track Hub Care Instructions (pdf)

Rear Wheel (3840 x 2560)