Cassette Hub Body Replacement Parts

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These are direct replacement pawls, springs, spring set screws, and pawl lubricant for our rear cassette hub bodies (Year 2017 - present, 5 Pawl cassette hub bodies). All items are individual units.
Pawl material Steel (heat-treated)
Spring material Spring steel
Set screw material Steel (heat-treated)
Pawl lubricant Tenacious Oil and Waterproof Grease 50/50 mix
Set screw hex wrench .89 mm
Materials  All of our manufactured items are machined out of US-produced materials.
Please note: If you have a bottle of our Tenacious Oil and a tube of our Waterproof Grease you can make your own pawl lubricant. It is a 50/50 mix of our oil and grease.
Cassette Hub Maintenance (pdf)
Cassette Body Care Instructions (pdf)