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Spoke material Steel
Spoke type Straight Gauge: 14 and 12 ga. (2.0 and 2.6 mm)
Straight Pull: 14 ga. (2.0 mm)
Single Butted: 13 ga - 14 ga (2.3 - 2.0 mm)
Double Butted: 2.0 - 1.8 - 2.0 (270 and 310 mm Blanks)
Spoke length 270 mm, 310 mm
If you are purchasing custom cut spokes select the TYPE of spoke you would like, the COLOR, and select CUSTOM CUT for the LENGTH. When checking out there will be a NOTES section, please put in the length you would like your spokes cut to, thank you.
Please note: Custom cut spokes are available for purchase, however we strongly recommend going to your local bicycle shop to have your spoke length(s) calculated, spokes cut to length, and wheel(s) built. There are no returns on custom cut and threaded spokes unless there is a defect in cutting or an error in shipping. We do not provide spoke calculations and the person placing the order must take final responsibility for ordering the correct spoke length.